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I really do have enough cameras already, so did I need another? Well I was curious as to why people like rangefinders so much, a Leica M series are all over £500 yet you can get R series SLRs for as little as £200 if you’re lucky. So I read around and got to understand the limitations and advantages of a rangefinder.

Many different makes out there, and mostly expensive, but I noted that of the cheaper varieties, mostly old and/or Russian, the one that stood out was the Konica auto S2. It seems the Hexanon lens is by all accounts comparable to a Leica lens of the same era (mid 1960s).

£20 later and I had my very own:

The light meter doesn’t work so I’m using a Scottish adaptation of the Sunny 16 rule to estimate shutter speed (more on this in another post). I put a roll of Kentmere 400 though it and I have to say the results were pretty good (though perhaps a tad under-exposed).

Tim R P Brown